It is made of special type of high tenacity polyester filament and polyester staple by unique spinning processes. It is featured by core evenness and natural touch, whose strength is 15-20% higher than other polyester threads of the same specification .

SPEC: 12S-80S
PACKING: 2000M-10000M

Main Specifications and Usages

29.5t X 2(20s/2)3000Y 5000M
Jeans,shoes,caps,leather products.etc
29.5t X 3(20s/3)
2000Y 3000M
Jeans,shoes,handbags,leather products.etc
19.7t x 2(30s/2)
3000Y 5000Y
Art crafts,handbags,sewing of keyhole and fastener,etc.
19.7t x 3(30s/3)
3000Y 5000Y
Tents,jeans, leather products,shoes ect
14.8t x 2(40s/2)
3000M 5000Y 10000Y
Suits,trousers,coats, Sewing of bottom hole and fastener,etc.
11.8t x 2(50s/2)
5000Y 10000Y
Knitted garments,fashionable dress,suit-dress,etc
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