TATH ECO Polyester Sewing Thread use special yarn which made of recycled plastic bottles with a series of complicated processes, it's 100% recycled, designed to assist in meeting the challenge of manufacturing environmentally responsible apparel. It is certified to Oko-Tex Standard 100.


Main use

Wide range of uses, all knitwear, furniture interiors, bags, shoes, all kinds of lines, etc.

Features and benefits

100% post consumer recycled polyester fiber
Polyester fiber certified by GRS (Global Recycling Standard)
Excellent dry heat shrinkage solution to significantly increase customer profitability
Excellent sewing effect
Excellent color fastness

100% Recycle Eco Polyester Sewing Thread

Chemical Character

Inorganic acids  long-lasting ability for most inorganic acids
Alkaline Unaffected by weak alkali
it has a greater impact on durability with strong alkali, especially at high temperatures.
Organic solvents  Generally unaffected, but soluble in benzene-containing compounds
Rinse Unaffected
Insects/microorganisms (mold, decay) Unaffected
Washing/dry cleaning Unaffected
Moisture absorption rate 0.40%

Technical Data

Ne Tex Average Strength (cN) Breaking Elongation (%) Boiling Water Shrinkage (%)
20S/2 28.8*2 2025 13.0-19.0 <1.0
20S/3 28.8*3 3100 14.0-21.0 <1.0
30S/2 19.4*2 1300 10.0-16.0 <1.0
40S/2 14.6*2 1020 9.5-16.0 <1.0
40S/3 14.6*3 1450 11.0-18.0 <1.0
45S/2 13.0*2 875 9.5-16.0 <1.0
50S/2 11.7*2 810 9.5-16.0 <1.0
60S/2 9.7*2 640 8.5-14.5 <1.0
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