Since the sun's rays contain a lot of ultraviolet light harmful to colored objects, the wavelength is about 280-400 nm. These harmful ultraviolet light passes through the chemical redox reaction, which causes the color molecules to finally decompose and fade, which will also cause the thread to age rapidly.

The anti-UV sewing thread can reduce the absorption of ultraviolet rays to a certain extent, prevent the degradation of the sewing thread, ensure the mechanical properties of the thread, and also improve the light fastness of the thread. It can be widely used in military protective clothing, outdoor tents, umbrellas, beachwear, swimwear, hats, outdoor sun protection clothing and other products that are often exposed to the sun to enhance the service life of outdoor products.

At present, our anti-UV polyester sewing thread has passed the anti-UV AS/NZS 4399:1996 test standard, and the UPF value is above 40, which can achieve very excellent protection effect.

Anti-UV Sewing Thread
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